Often clients ask me when is the best time during a vacation to schedule family photos. Some want to get it done early in the week, while others think it might be best to wait till the end. But after taking so many family vacation photos I’ve come to find that there are certain days of the week that are best for family vacation photos especially concerning children.

As a photographer I have found that Monday or Tuesday of a week long vacation OR within the first 2-3 days to be the best days to schedule your family vacation photos and here is why.

By scheduling your photos within the first 2-3 days of your vacation allows everyone to get into vacation mode but not too into vacation mode. Little kids will likely still be on their schedules from home. Kids will still be in agreeable moods. Family squabbles are less likely to have started and people are less inclined to view it as a chore. No one wants photos of a cranky family. Family photos are best when everyone is fresh and relaxed.

Another reason I recommend getting photos early in your trip is because everyone will have had a chance to enjoy the sun but hopefully not get burnt. You would hate to have forever photos of your awful sunburn. Getting photos early also ensures that the photos happen so if something unforeseen comes up there is time to reschedule. We all know things happen on vacation: kids gets sick or the weather takes a turn.

Photographers prefer golden hour which is an hour before sunset. Most of my session are done then. During the Fall/Winter (November 6-March 13) months sunset is at 5:40pm so the ideal time to shoot is 4pm-5pm which is pictured here. I also shoot from 5-6PM because there is 20 minutes of beautiful pink lighting after the sun goes down.

Just around the corner is the time change, and that means later sunsets. (STARTING MARCH 13-November 6) During these Spring/Summer months sunset is at 7:40PM, making the ideal shooting time from 6-7pm. I will also shoot 7-8pm for the official sunset.

During this time I always recommend a nap so 7-8pm is not too much to ask from toddlers.

I also like to suggest doing photos early in the morning. The light is best then and it takes less time out of your day. There is less direct sunlight so squinty eyes wont be an issue. By doing the pictures early in the morning you aren’t taking your kids away from other activities to do something they might not enjoy. But be prepared because 7-8am is the call time.

I generally tell all my clients to schedule early in their vacation so that we can expect the unexpected and have ample time to capture wonderful family vacation photos.

When you book your hotel and airfare is the best time to book photos! After all, there is no deposit required!!! Reserve your time slot at the top of the page under Book Now.