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Some brides make the mistake of selecting their wedding photographer without researching what they’re really getting for their money. “You get your negatives” sounds great, but when do you get them? The original price sounds great, but how much are extra prints? So often, brides buy a package knowing they don’t want everything in it, but they think they’re getting a deal because it’s all together. Nope, sorry, photography is not like buying a “value meal” at McDonald’s!

To be sure, you must research before you decide. Visit as many studios as you can. As a courtesy, please call them first and set an appointment. If they’re friendly or if they call you back quickly, they’ll most likely have better standards of service. Ask if they have any information they can mail or email to you. Meet the photographer.

Now heres why you should choose me.

Quick disclaimer on choosing your wedding photographer. My main goal as a wedding photographer is obviously to capture beautiful photos for you, but in order to do that, you have to be comfortable with me and in front of the camera. I always meet my future bride and groom in person or over the phone before they book with me to make sure we “jive” because as a wedding photographer, I will be spending more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else. Meeting with each other builds connections and choosing a wedding photographer who you can connect with and makes YOU feel comfortable is a HUGE deal. (So don’t just choose a photographer based only on their style and cost!)

I book only a handful of weddings each year because I want to get to KNOW you on a personal level. I know you could find someone to take pictures for you cheaper. I know my process means a few extra meetings with me. I know you can find someone to show up for your wedding, take the photos and then send them over to you on an online gallery for you to figure out how to download. But I LOVE providing a full-service experience to my clients because that’s what they deserve!

And on your wedding day, I’m going to cover ALL the bases… twice. Not every photo I take is going to be perfect and magazine quality because I spend most of my time documenting your day as it unfolds. I’m not photographing your wedding to get my version of the “perfect” photo for my website and social media - I’m there to capture YOUR authentic moments! The moments you were part of and the moments you may have missed in the hustle and bustle of the day. I might be out of commission for a few days following your wedding because I worked (and talked) my booty off, but you chose and trusted in me. You better believe I’ll put my heart and soul in it for you.

If disaster would strike on your wedding day, I kinda-sorta feel like you’re going to want me there. Cake ruined? Making cakes used to be one of my side-hustles; I’ve got tricks. Dress tear or clasp need sewn? I’ve made entire outfits from fabric; I can sew. See Flying Dress page) Nobody can tie a perfect bow for your dress? I tie pretty little bows daily. Need hair and makeup help? I know my way around a curling iron and love fake lashes. Music malfunctioning and you can’t get your special first dance song to play? Girl, I know love songs, and sing in my church choir - just pass the mic. Ok, ok, that last one is more far-fetched, but if needed for ANYTHING I can’t say no. I want your day to be PERFECT. I may be hired as the photographer, but if needed I can be much more… you ask me to dance, I’ll dance. You ask me to clean, I’ll clean. You ask me to hold your boob, I’ll hold your boob. I got you.

you will need an officiant

CoAstal Pointe Wedding Officiant

Proud to be a part of the Coastal Pointe Wedding Packages!

Mary has officiated hundreds of sacred and contemporary ceremonies throughout the US and various global destinations. She has co-officiated with other Ministers & Rabbis, celebrating the spiritual and cultural bouquet of our times. Her calm demeanor helps the couple relax and enjoy their special day. 

Micro Ceremony Package - $850


  • Officiant Services for a micro-ceremony
  • Professional Photographer - 1 Hour

                  Digital Release

                  50 edits

                  Online Gallery

                  Raw Album available for purchase

  • Bride's small flower bouquet
  • Groom's Boutonniere
  • Wedding Ceremony Script Keepsake

Custom Ceremony Package - $1800


  • Officiant services for a full-service customized ceremony
  • Professional Photographer - Up to two hours

                 100 edited photos

                 Online Gallery

                 Digital Release

                 Raw album available for purchase

  • Bride's large flower bouquet
  • Groom's Boutonniere
  • Wedding ceremony script keepsake

SunKissed Picnic receptions

Affordable Beach, park, or backyard receptions

SunKissed Picnic Receptions

I love teaming up with SunKissed for receptions! Not only does Tammy go above and beyond to make everything amazing, but her setups are by far the nicest out of anyone i have ever worked with.
ADD ON food catered by a local restaurant of your choosing, Beverages of your choosing, ICE, and of course a beautiful wedding cake.
Small Speaker system with microphone for speeches and toasts included.

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