Senior Photos

Senior year is a turning point, you’re leaving childhood behind and likely leaving home and going off to pursue your dreams and have new adventures. You’ve spent 17 or 18 years getting to this point and becoming the unique and amazing person you are, so this is a perfect time to have some seriously stunning pictures taken of you.

Senior pictures are a perfect time to express yourself! No one else has lived your story, or seen the world through your point of view. Who are you? You are a unique, multifaceted person. So why not bring a variety of outfits and props to showcase the different sides of your personality and the many activities you love? You can use these images for your graduation announcements too to show your friends and family what you’ve been up to and what’s important to you.

A gorgeous, artistic portrait of yourself will become a treasured heirloom before you know it. Don’t let some cellphone selfie be the best record of this time in your life. Freeze this moment forever with a beautiful portrait.