Parties & Events

"I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy."

—F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why hiring a Photographer for any event is so important;

First off, some people simply don't realize how much effort goes into planning your event. Between the food, decor, cake, balloons, music, and much more, photos almost seem like an afterthought. How many times do we spend months planning a birthday party and forget to take pictures with our guests? Have you ever spent hours slaving away in the kitchen for a family get-together and no one took a single picture? How about that 50th anniversary party? The rehearsal dinner? What about your children's birthday parties?

Think no more! I'm here to make sure you are able to enjoy your event while I ensure that everyone gets photographed!

So for events guess what? i charge $300/hour and you keep all images taken! They will be uploaded into google drive in less than 24 hours after your event. I will go through and edit my favorites, but you will have access to every RAW photo.